Email Marketing

A marketing strategy that leverages e-mail messages to distribute branded information and sales promotions.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Technically, you don't own your social media profiles. So, you are not in full control. You are at the mercy of the companies that run the websites.

They can easily ban your account, limit the amount of people your posts reach or the network could simply lose popularity to the next big thing.

Growing an mailing list filled with customers that routinely read what you send puts you back in the driver's seat. You own this forever!

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Why Have Your Campaigns Managed?

Marketers have come a long way. Instead of spamming unwanted offers, we deliver interesting and useful content.

More people will be more receptive to your offers. This puts your brand in a good light.

Our service helps you grow the number of individuals you can reach. Then, it delivers your content to the inboxes of these recipients.

Furthermore, we can identify and segment subscribers based on their actions. Do they open what we send? Do they visit the site? Do they make a purchase?

Our company will help you:

Develop strategies to meet your goals.
Perform an audit on recent efforts.
Manage and scrub database
Create lead magnets to encourage users to share their information.
Design compelling sign-up landing pages.
Provide content that will be enjoyed by your subscribers.
Deliver personalized and compliant material.
Split test subjects and landing pages,
Segment users based on open rate and other actions.
Report analytics - Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

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