Mobile Marketing

Describes strategies that use personal mobile devices as a means to communicate messages to consumers.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing

Today, people keep their smartphones and tablets by their sides at all times. They check them all day just to stay up to date on information that matters to them.

This makes mobile marketing the fastest way to reach users.

Since it is easy to re-share messages on these devices, the odds of going viral are greatly increased.

These communications are more than just SMS texts. They include media rich MMS content, social media apps, responsive websites, emails and push notifications.

4 people using their mobile devices.

Why Have Your Campaigns Managed?

These campaigns require the same care and expertise as any other digital method.

Done correctly, your messages will be well received and lead to a lot of sales.

Otherwise, your brand will be associated with being a nuisance on your subscribers' precious phones.

Let our team help you successfully navigate this arena.

Our company will help you:

Develop strategies to meet your goals.
Create content for each phase of the decision making process.
Optimize content for portable devices.
Personalize messages for each user.
Draft a consistent communications schedule.
Make it easy for people to add / remove themselves.
Manage and segment profiles.
Verify that communications are legally compliant.
A/B split testing for optimal performance.
Report analytics - Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

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