Why We Do It

We Love Bringing Dreams To Life

We love marketing because it gives us opportunities to bring ideas to life, make a difference and work with incredible clients. Our work has helped many businesses remain open and grow. Their success is a win for everyone; the business, their employees and the customers they serve.

Recently, we assisted an owner fulfill his dream of opening a behavioral health company in Columbia, South Carolina. Using limited funds, we were instrumental in turning his dream into a well-executed plan.

Eventually, he was able to open multiple locations and hire 40 employees. As a result, this company has treated countless children and adults suffering from mental health and substance abuse problems.

Our development team played a role in helping Moli.com, a startup organization, complete their beta website. Upon completion, they were able to secure an additional $29.6 million in funding from investors.

Lastly, we helped the owner Jai Wear reach her goal of expanding her clothing line. When we started it was an unknown label. Now, major department stores such as Macy's and other boutiques carry the brand. Success!

We have the privilege to work with some of the most fascinating and influential people on earth. Our clients are visionaries and leaders of their respective fields. They have the ability to hire any agency but they chose us and send referrals. For this, we are deeply grateful.

Music: Quincy Jones, Russell Simmons, & Pharrell Williams
Fashion: Andy Hilfiger, & JaiLeta Colvard
Business: Jesse Itzler, Kenny Dichter & Christos Cotsakos
Pro Sports: Lenda Murray (8x Ms. Olympia), NBA
Publication: Larry Flynt & John Pasmore