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There are so many people with very little experience claiming to be marketing "experts". We understand why choosing the right one can get very confusing. Our body of work speaks for itself. Simply put, we get results!

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One strategy does not fit all.

To meet our clients' goals, we blend a variety of our services to form a custom made solution. Since some goals are more ambitious than others, prices will vary. For a free estimate, please contact us using the form below.


Chief Motivation Officer


Lifelong Super Nerd.
20+ Years of Experience
Hofstra University - Frank Zarb School of Business (Magna Cum Laude).
Provost Scholar
Inducted member of the International Business Honor Society.
Dr. Martin Luther King Scholarship
Tankleff Endowed Scholarship


Ones & Zeros.


“It doesn't matter which product or service you provide, you are in the business of marketing. We all are. Businesses improve once they make it a top priority.”

Charles Hale has been fascinated with technology ever since his elementary school bought Commodore Vic 20 computers back in the 80's. This inspired him to get his own pride and joy; a Commodore 64. He quickly taught himself how to code and has been programming ever since.

In the 90's, he got a "dial-up" internet provider and built his first webpages with a simple text editor. He raved about how all businesses will need to be online. Unfortunately, most companies didn't see the value of having a web presence.

However, Quincy Jones and his executives "got it" and became our first major clients. This relationship produced numerous websites for dozens of artists and led to an abundance of new customers.

Competing websites began claiming they were getting a ba-zillion "hits" per day. Although this information was unverified, our clients wanted a ba-zillions hits too. So, we became one of the first companies to develop digital marketing strategies to attract more traffic.

Since then, we continued to fine-tune our strategies to evolve with the ever-changing digital world. Things still seem to change almost every week and so do we. However, some things have remained constant. People still love great content and cherish brands that can fulfill their needs. Meanwhile, people still hate spam and useless ads.

Our services are built on helping brands grow:
- reach masses of people that want to hear from them
- provide great content that is engaging and timely
- build up trust with their customers
- help them satisfy their needs
- maintain amazing, two way relationships with their customers.
- never spam

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    Quincy Jones

    Dearest Charles, thanks for sharing your gift with our Qwest website. Love & Big-X-Props.

    Akila Proctor

    Thank you for being my marketing team for all of my business ventures. You guys are my secret weapon.